• 24.9.2015
  • Tereza Vítková

14 Phrases Only The Czech Understand

14 Phrases Only The Czech Understand by Guidilo
Learning Czech basics can be hard, but trying to understand Czech sayings can be nearly impossible. Some are just hard to figure out and others don't make any sense at all. Here are fourteen funny Czech sayings that you can use every day.

Czech translation: Dělat z komára velblouda
Literal translation: To make a camel out of a mosquito
English equivalent: To make a mountain out of a molehill

Czech translation: Docvaknout
Literal translation: To click in spot on
English equivalent: To see the light

Czech translation: Hladit hada bosou nohou
Literal translation: To pat a snake with bare feet
English equivalent: To walk into the lion's den

Czech translation: Hodit flintu do žita
Literal translation: To throw one's rifle in the rye
English equivalent: To throw in the towel

Czech translation: Chodit kolem horké kaše
Literal translation: To walk around hot porridge
English equivalent: To beat about the bush

Czech translation: Jedním uchem tam, druhým ven
Literal translation: In one ear, out the other
English equivalent: Like a water on duck's back

Czech translation: Koupit zajíce v pytli
Literal translation: To buy a hare in a sack
English equivalent: To buy buy a pig in a poke

Czech translation: Míchat jablka s hruškami
Literal translation: To mix apples and pears
English equivalent: That's apples and oranges

Czech translation: S dovolením!
Literal translation: Mind your backs!
English equivalent: Excuse me!

Czech translation: Slon v porcelánu
Literal translation: An elephant in the porcelain shop
English equivalent: A bull in a china shop

Czech translation: Snesl bych ti modré z nebe
Literal translation: I can take the blue from the sky for you
English equivalent: I would do anything for you

Czech translation: To si piš!
Literal translation: You must write it!
English equivalent: This certainly will be!

Czech translation: Vstávat se slepicemi
Literal translation: To get up with the chickens
English equivalent: At the crack of dawn

Czech translation: Znát něco jako své boty
Literal translation: To know something like one's own shoes
English equivalent: Like the back of my hand

However, if you really want to put some shine on your language skills, knowing more Czech idioms is always a good idea (and there are no cakes without work ;-) or just go out and try Czech language in the city!

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