Guidilo - Travel Websites Before Your Next Trip
Since there are different needs for everyone planning to go on a vacation, there are huge number of websites on the internet offering different solutions to those needs. Today we decided to pick some general websites which can be of immense help to you and your travel destination.

Looking for travel news?
Matador Network, Lonely Planet or Fodor's are a great resource for anyone looking to keep up to date with travel news and goings on around the world. Set up as online travel magazines/forums these sites regularly have fantastic photo essays, trendy articles and wonderful personal accounts of travelers living and working abroad.

Insufficient information for your trip?
TripAdvisor, WikiTravel or VirtualTourist are a user-powered travel guides offering thousands of reviews, articles and pictures of different travel destinations around the world. Since it is user-powered, you will find both positive and negative reviews of places. If not, just put your question in a forum.

Getting there by plane?
Websites like Skyscanner, GoogleFlights or Kayak will help you find cheap flights and airline tickets to your favorite travel destinations. SeatGuru provides then a seat map for best (or worst) seats on the plane and SleepingInAirports could be your guide for camping overnight in an airport. 

What to pack to wear?
Accuweather provides accurate climate information all over the world so you'll know what to pack for your trip to Prague.

How to get the best accommodation?
If you are willing to stay out of the box or are traveling with a bigger group of people, check out house or apartment rental sites like Airbnb or Homeaway. For booking hotels try and for hostels is highly recommended HostelWorld.

Should you ever come to Prague and want to know what to do? Ask our Locals! (Or check out our other insider tips for Prague)

PS: Thorough research before any vacation should always be part of your planning. But too much research can be a bad thing. Remember: part of the pleasure of getting away is the experience of something new. So don't go overboard and turn your vacation into one big homework assignment.

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