• 19.5.2016
  • Tereza Vítková

17 Signs You Are Addicted To Travel

17 Signs You Are Addicted To Travel

Traveling can be addictive. Once you try out that gathering unforgettable memories and experiences can be so fun, you may find yourself planning your next trip before you've even left... So, think you are a genuine travel junkie? Check to see if these signs apply to you!
PS: The good news is you're not the only one!

#1 You're daydreaming about where you might go next
When you are not on the road, you fantasize about traveling to far off places just to escape everyday life.

#2 You set up price alerts for places you have no real plans to visit (you know, just in case...)
Your favorite websites (Google Flight Search, Kayak, Skyscanner or Adioso) allows you to find all flights from your city to anywhere given a date range and budget.

#3 You're obsessed with travel channels and anything related to travel
You spend hours watching travel shows or browsing travel blogs and websites. Your browser's bookmarks bar is an endless list of locations you want to visit.

#4 Your bucket list is long. Really, really long
Whether you call it a bucket list, a life list, to visit list or a wish list, it's still growing by the day. Good news is it can never be too long.

#5 All of your funds go to traveling
9 to 5 makes you feel like you're in prison, but the only reason you work is to fund your next trip. You don't need that new pair of shoes or that new bike. All you need is a plane ticket and off you go.

#6 Your friends are scattered all over the world
You've met so many interesting people, established new relationships along the way and probably have more friends abroad than you do at home.

#7 You can say 'Hi' and 'Thank You' in multiple languages
You possibly cannot learn all the languages but you do know how to greet people in different countries and how to thank them for their kindness.

#8 You're an expert at packing
Packing for one week in less than ten minutes? No problem at all! And sure, your luggage is packed efficiently and perfectly. It takes plenty of practice, but you're bound to master this very useful skill.

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#9 Your bookshelf only has travel books
Your guidebook collection is ever growing, but you can never get enough of them.

#10 You're the happiest when you are on the road
Nothing makes you happier than the feeling you get when embarking on a new adventure.

#11 You don't believe in getting lost. In fact, it's just another adventure
If you lose your way, it's not a problem at all! It opens up new adventures and you are more than eager to discover where it will lead you.

#12 You can sleep anywhere, literally
Train stations, airplanes, park bench... You are accustomed to sleeping, literally anywhere, just about wherever your head rests, it's all part of the travel lifestyle!

#13 Your room is covered in maps
You don't have paintings on the wall, nor family portraits – you have maps. What's better than a little reminder every day to inspire you right?

#14 Your Instagram feed is all about travel
Scrolling through your Instagram profile is full of travel pictures you've taken. It's like going on an around the world tour.

#15 Once home, you're already booking your next trip
Or even better - you find yourself planning your next trip while on your current trip.

#16 Your stories are travel related
You start all your stories with"When I was in..." Sound familiar?

#17 If you haven't been anywhere in a few months, you get the shakes
So what about a trip to Prague?

How many of these travel addict signs apply to you? Tell us and go seek your adventures!

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