• 11.11.2015
  • Tereza Vítková

25 Reasons To Hate Czech Republic

25 Reasons To Hate Czech Republic by Guidilo.com

Let's face it. It's not true that everyone loves the Czech Republic. The country has its faults, some people even hate Czechs and the cuisine is not to everyone's taste. We really don't want to generalize, guys. However here are some things we find annoying about the Czech Republic and its inhabitants.

#1 Wearing socks with sandals – a very common combination through the whole country

#2 A landlocked country = no access to sea or ocean

#3 Poor English language skills (or Czenglish)

#4 Czech women are considered gold-digger

#5 Czech men are not gentlemen

#6 Being envious of everyone else is socially acceptable. Just because everyone does it

#7 Don't expect a great customer service, no matter where you are (applies from post offices, through stores to hotel receptions)

#8 Bad cell phone behavior - always talking on the phone while driving, riding tram / bus, at dinner table, at checkout...

#9 Most of all signs, instructions or legends are displayed in Czech language only

#10 Complaints about everything everywhere but no effort to fix anything

#11 Corruption here, corruption there, corruption everywhere

#12 Czech people seem distant and reserved (until they hit the pub or bar)

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#13 Dog poppies everywhere

#14 Czech people usually don't solve problems right away, they sit down and talk about it or let the time to solve it

#15 Cobbled streets (have you ever tried to walk on footpath on high heels?)

#16 You'll find more smoke spots than non-smoking areas

#17 The weather sucks except for three months out of the year

#18 Own sweat is a popular perfume here

#19 Small talks or smiles at strangers? No way!

#20 Generous tipping is commonly expected of foreign visitors but locals round up to the nearest 10 Czech crowns

#21 Being different is one of the most disturbing things

#22 There are miles of paperwork to go through to do anything in this country

#23 Taxi drivers hailed on the street with their high prices, low service, and no accountability

#24 Xenophobia and racism is widespread throughout the whole country

#25 Hollywood movies / series dubbed in Czech language (with the exception of the Simpsons)

But, if you give a chance to this country, you won't be disappointed. Czech people are pretty nice, after all...

PS: This blog post was not written to annoy or hurt anyone.  We just want to be fair and show both sides - positive and negative.

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