• 5.11.2015
  • Tereza Vítková

25 Reasons To Love Czech Republic

25 Reasons to Love the Czech Republic by Guidilo.com
There are many reasons to fall in love with the Czech Republic and the Czech people. As it would be impossible to list them all we decided to just make a random list of some interesting and fun facts – hope you enjoy it!

#1 Pretty girls (almost) everyhwere

#2 Language might be quite difficult to non-native speakers but there are so many flowery phrases

#3 Great public transportation system. Whether you are living in a city or in a small village, there will always be a bus, train or tram to take you wherever you might want to go

#4 Parties, family gathering, after-work beer, meetings with friends... Czechs love to meet and celebrate together (for whatever reason)

#5 Most of the convenience stores (Czech: mini-market, večerka or vietnamci) are open 7 days a week, till late night and you'll find them on every corner

#6 Easter traditions - men hit women with sticks, and they are even rewarded for it with a painted egg

#7 Czech food. What's not to love? Soups, goulash, cream sauces, dumplings, ...

#8 More castles than anywhere else in Europe. In fact, Czech Republic is one of the countries with the highest density of castles in the world

#9 True best hockey country in the world – don't even try to say a word against Jaromír Jágr, Dominik Hašek, Václav Nedomanský, Patrik Eliáš or Ivan Hlinka

#10 Beer is cheaper than water

#11 A large percentage of city residents escape to their cabin (Czech: chata) in the countryside every weekend

#12 Take off your shoes, please when entering a house or flat. Czech housewives love clean houses

#13 Stunning architecture – castles, palaces, fortresses and other historical buildings, no matter where you are, beautiful historical buildings are everywhere

#14 A dark sense of humour and relish irony

# 15 Fly fishing for brown trout, rainbow trout or stream trout, the Czech Republic has it all, with thousands of hectares of water just waiting to be fished

#16 Picturesque nature, simply look at our photos

#17 Go for Moravian wine trip and savour the unique flavour of Czech wine

#18 Witches' Night (the counterpoint to Halloween) celebrates the end of winter and there are cool events held around all the cities and villages

#19 Wi-Fi is available (almost) everywhere

#20 Outdoors – Czech people seem to be into cycling, hiking, walking, mountain climbing and skiing a lot more than any other nation

#21 Mushroom hunting – each autumn, Czech fields and forests are scoured by thousands of mushroom hunters

#22 A lot of restaurants & pubs present a daily lunch menu (usually on a weekday 11am-3pm) which means you can get soup and a main meal for the equivalent of €3 or less

#23 You can put on comfortable shoes and clothes wherever you go – Czech people simply love sporty clothes

#24 Christmas traditions – yes, we keep a live carp in the bath until we're ready to cook it, and eat it with potato salad on Christmas Eve

#25 The Czech capital Prague

Who could not love the adorable Czech nation? Why not expeirence it all yourself? Connect with us! We look forward to reading what you have to say! 


Doing a quiz is a fun way to give your brain a work out, don't you think? So here are your answers:

#1 Nobel laureates are Jaroslav Seifert (Literature), Jaroslav Heyrovský (Chemistry), Carl Ferdinand Cori (Physiology or Medicine), Gerty Cori (Physiology or Medicine), Bertha von Suttner (Peace)
#2The Houska Castle - 47 km north of Prague 
#3A carp
#4Antonín Dvořák
#5Jaromír Jágr
#7 Just in case if there would be a fight
#8 The Czech chemist, Otto Wichterle
#9There's more than one: Beef Sirloin with dumplings and cream sauce (svíčková na smetaně), roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut (knedlo-vepřo-zelo) or goulash (guláš)
#10Tatra company

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