• 18.5.2017
  • Tereza Vítková

30 Ways to Act Like a Local in Prague

30 Ways to Act Like a Local in Prague
We hear it all the time in travel advice: do what the locals do. It's fantastic advice, but if you're in an unfamiliar city it's a lot easier said than done. Thankfully, with a little preparation, it's entirely possible to experience a city just like the locals.

You are a Praguer, if you:
#01  know where is „under the tail" (if you don't know – google it)
#02  don't drink Absinth (not at all)
#03  drink beer (beer is cheaper than non-alcoholic drinks, what do you expect?)
#04  wear blue jeans (we love our blue jeans and we wear them everywhere - to the office, to fancy parties, even to award ceremonies)
#05  use public transportation or drive like a Cullen (we say like a pig – „jako prase")
#06  know the subway ettiquette (let elderly people / pregnant women to sit in the tram)
#07  tell someone off for standing on the wrong side on the escalator (stick to the left to walk up / down the steps, and stand on the right side if you just want to stand there)
#08  think about the subway train to get on / off to be as close to the exit as possible
#09  watch the TV serie Ulice (a never-ending story about our „real life")
#10  use sarcasm (we love to make fun of ourselves and our friends in a rather dry manner)
#11  don't go for a party to Lucerna and Karlovy Lázně
#12  speak normal (it's our hobby to complain that tourists tend to be very loud)
#13  know the difference between Karlák (Charles Square) and Karlův most (Charles Bridge)
#14  hate Segway riders
#15  avoid the main tourist streets to get somewhere (we choose passage or a back street)

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#16  prefer bio / vegan / healthy food (it's cool and we even can't cook svíčková or guláš)
#17  are careful not to step on a dog poo (especially in Žižkov district)
#18  don't shop / eat / hang out on Wenceslas Square (only when we really have to)
#19  call the taxi (we don't catch cabs – they're overpriced and overrated)
#20  have a dog (we walk our dogs to be fit or carry a small cute dog on a bag)
#21  read the free newspapers „Metro" in the morning (handed out at subway stations in the morning rush hour – till 9 am)
#22  always have a reason to celebrate something (holiday / name day / birthday / break-up / wedding – it doesn't matter)
#23  don't get too excited in public, about anything (did you just get proposed to / meet a celebrity? Act blase)
#24  tip on bills less than 10 percent (having a meal for 12.60 Euro would typically result in a payment of 13 Euros)
#25  have a pickinck on Letná (great spot anyway)
#26  watch a game of Sparta or Slavia (decide on only one team and be aware of your choice)
#27  pay with a contact free card and wonder if you can't
#28  have the right of way at the zebra crossing (and don't want to wait for the cars to stop)
#29  hate if somebody label you "Eastern European" (We're not. We're Central European. The capital of Prague is further west than Vienna)
#30  look bored / miserable / important at all times

This guide is not written to make fun or to offend anyone, but to help you look like a Praguer and act cool while traveling.
Should you have any questions about Prague, you can always ask our Locals!

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