5 Things You Can Only Do In The Czech Republic
Czech republic is a land of stunning architecture, unspoilt countryside, centuries of history and vibrant cities. But those aren't the only attractions that make our beloved Czechia unique. Try any of these five things and you'll leave the Czech republic with a better understanding of the culture, personality and general beauty than you could ever imagine.

#1 Kick back at the pond
Fishing in the Czech republic offers a wide range of choices for anglers of all levels. If you are looking to fly fish for brown trout, rainbow trout or stream trout or maybe course fishing for carp, sturgeon, grayling or predator fishing for pike, zander or perch, the Czech Republic has it all, with thousands of hectares of water just waiitng to be fished.

#2 Taste sausage cooked on open fire
An old, but popular folk tradition beginning at dusk when bonfires are lit. Take a long roasting fork, stick the sausage (špekáček) and hold it on open fire. The trick is not to hold it too close to the flame. Otherwise the outside burns and the inside remains undercooked.

#3 Come to pick mushrooms
Mushroom hunting could be considered national sport (between the months of July and November) in the Czech republic. Start early in the morning in order to be first and beat out other eager mushroom pickers. Don't forget the basket, knife and friends.

#4 Eat & drink like a Czech
Traditional Czech cuisine is not the healthiest in the world with all the fried meals, fat meat, dumplings served in heavy cream sauces,...However it goes perfectly with the most popular Czech drink – beer. And you can't visit the Czech republic and not take the time to enjoy a glass. Actually, beer is cheaper than water.

#5 Wear socks in sandals
This is a perfect controversial fashion combination for your next tour of the whole country. You don't need to feel guilty for liking this phenomenon.

Our Locals know more about things to do in the Czech republic. Feel free to ask them!

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