• 14.9.2017
  • Tereza Vítková

Amazing Things To Do This Fall In Prague

Guidilo - things to do in autumn

Autumn in Prague is magical... The city turns into a wonderland with all the colors changing around, fewer crowds and still quite nice weather... If you are thinking about autumn weekend city break, it's worth considering Prague. Check out our highlights below and plan your visit to the Czech capital!

View the foliage
Whether you're a fall foliage fanatic or just in the mood for a scenic walk through the fabulous fall scenery, you won't want to miss these great spots:
Letná Park - this park is frequently visited all year long because of the astonishing view of Prague and the Vltava River with its bridges. Be sure to check out the Hanavský Pavilion (built in Art Nouveau style) or the Metronome (former site of Stalin's Monument).
Vyšehrad - The Vyšehrad area itself is large and only a walk there will reward you with beautiful scenery of the Czech capital. The park area holds hidden architectural treasures including the Prague's oldest surviving building (the Rotunda of St Martin from the 11th century), the neo-Gothic Church of Sts. Peter and Paul or the national cemetery Slavín
Petřín Hill - the main benefit is its location close to the Prague Castle and a stunning view from the Petřín Tower (after climbing up 299 stairs)
Vítkov Hill - with its famous memorial nine meters tall equestrian statue of the Hussite leader and commander Jan Žižka, offers a stunning view of Prague from a different perspective. This spot is popular among locals, expats and sunset lovers.
TIP: If you want to escape all the crowds, head to one of Prague's parks and explore the green side of the capital

Sample Czech wine
Visitors to various wine harvest festivals will have the opportunity to taste new wine, delicious food, attend seminars about wine or listen to folk music. Find out more information about Prague's wine festivals in our previous blog post.

Fly a kite
Enjoy the brisk autumn air, the smell of the leaves, the coolness of evening, and savor each moment... With winds blowing strong at early afternoons to early evenings, it provides the perfect setting for flying kites of different sizes, styles, and colors. Vypich, Letná, Dívčí Hrady, Ladronka or Divoká Šárka are the best places to fly a kite.

Read more
Cafés are not only made for coffee but also for book lovers. The best places to eat and read are Kaaba Café or Týnská Literary Café. If you prefer getting read to: check out the readings at Globe Bookstore & Café. They are for free.

Gamble on horse racing
The most famous horse race - Velka Pardubicka steeplechase take place in Pardubice, but you can visit some of races also in Prague in Velká Chuchle. The horse racing takes place mostly at weekends and there is usually one meeting on a Saturday and one on Sunday. The season runs until the end of October.

Escape a room
You and your team are trapped; you have a tight time limit to escape a room by solving a series of puzzles. Whether you call them "escape games", "exit games", "puzzle escape rooms" or "escape the room" games, you can find different game themes all across Prague (and even on Guidilo).

Light a candle
Let's head to one of Prague's cemeteries to light a candle. I get it, walking around a cemetery might not sound like the number one to do on your trip. But visiting Olšany Cemetery or Slavín in Vyšehrad seems like time traveling to time - graves with exquisite art pieces, haunting mausoleums and unforgettable stories.
TIP: On All Saints' Day (November 1) are cemeteries pretty busy. Whole families turn out to light candles, lay wreaths, remember and pray for loved ones who have passed away.

Go for a dinner
Invite your family member or friend for a meal. Prague is blessed with a lot of restaurants that have its own unique style to represent a classic décor and leaves you missing a word as you enjoy the typical Czech food which is so tasty!
TIP: Instead of going to a restaurant, accept our Local's Vlasta invitation to eat delicious home-made meal at her place and spend a pleasant evening together.

Get lost in space
Astronomical Observatory Ondřejov gives you an opportunity to momentarily escape Prague, and even our planet. Its historical section was turned into a museum. And in the new observatory there is the largest telescope in the Czech Republic (one of the largest in Europe).

What would you add to this list? What are you most looking forward to this fall? Let us know! 

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