- Best public swimming pools to cool off this summer in Prague
As the weather starts to warm up, we start to think about the best ways to cool off. And what better way to refresh, rejuvenate and relax in warmer temps than a dip in a pool of clear, tranquil water? From old-fashioned swimming holes and natural watersides to hidden wonders, we round up the best swimming spots in Prague for the ultimate soak.

Podolí Swimming Pool Complex 
The Podolí swimming pool complex is the obviously main draw, with large crowds taking up chlorinated space and poolside spots in the shade on the weekends and on summer afternoons. And it's no wonder: one Olympic-size indoor pool, two outdoor swimming pools, ample waterside lounging and plenty of poolside space for beach-chair and towel lounging have made it a city favorite for decades.
Prices: 160 CZK for adults, 100 CZK for students (under 26 years), 90 CZK for children (under 12 years)

Stírka Swimming Pool 
This small spot attracts a rotation of neighborhood kids, but it stays quiet, especially during midday hours. Easily accessible by metro as well as ice cold water make it a perfect spot to perch with friends or kids.
Prices: 140 CZK for adults, 120 CZK for students, 100 CZK for kids under 15 years, 80 CZK for kids under 150 cm tall

Džbán Reservoir
This outdoor swimming pool is located next to the Divoká Šárka Nature Reserve. Those who are looking for a quiet place to swim and work on their tan will love it here. 
Prices: 90 CZK for adults, children to 140 cm free

Divoká Šárka Swimming Pool
The large wilderness area Divoká Šárka offers not only a large lake but an outdoor pool as well. It's also a well-kept secret in the city and less crowded as the closest tram stop (Divoká Šárka) is almost a mile away (so you'll get a good walk in, too)
Prices: 100 CZK for adults, 70 CZK for students

Petynka Swimming Pool
Both adults and children alike, sports fans and families with kids will enjoy the Petynka Swimming Pool in Prague's Střešovice district. The swimming pool center offers a 50-meter long outdoor pool with heated water, a paddling pool and 103-meter long spiral chute.
Prices: 160 CZK for adults, 90 CZK for children up for 140 cm, 50 CZK for seniors

Hostivař Dam
Located off the greenway, this natural pool boasts a sandy artificial beach and has been changed into a leisure time area with a toboggan, boats for hire, a children's bouncy castle & playground and a large free car park.
Prices: 90 CZK for adults, children to 100 cm free, 60 CZK for children; discounts in the afternoon and evening

Before visiting any open-air swimming pool mentioned above, always check the quality of water at Prague Hygienic Station website!

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