There's a lot about Prague you probably don't know. We've compiled a list of Prague interesting facts (spoiler: answers to your questions inside) sure to enlighten even life-long locals! So, test your knowledge with our trivia quiz and let us know how sucesfull you were!

  • 16.1.2016
  • Tereza Vítková

Kutná Hora Day Trip From Prague

About an hour's drive from Prague lies the medieval town of Kutna Hora, founded in the 13th century and famous for its silver mines. With a variety of architectural monuments and a place on the UNESCO world heritage list (since 1995), there's plenty to see on your day trip.

  • 14.1.2016
  • Tereza Vítková

Why You Should Travel in Low Season

Seasoned travelers often try to time their Europe travel plans around off-peak travel periods and they have some very good reasons for doing so. On the other hand, it's also important to remember that destinations have slow periods for a reason: unfavorable weather (which usually means more clothes and heavier baggage), some attractions may be unavailable or under construction and it starts getting dark pretty early... However, while low-season travel has its risks, you might find the benefits outweigh them.

  • 10.1.2016
  • Eva Belokostolska

A Look Back at 2015


Even if we look ahead to 2016, we love looking back on the past year, reflecting on everything that happened, and remembering some of the Guidilo highlights. Here are a bunch of our favorite moments throughout the year that we lived with our travelers and guests.  

  • 27.12.2015
  • Tereza Vítková

Christmas Eve in the Czech Republic

There's no other evening quite as magical as Christmas Eve. It's a lovely time of dinner preparations, anticipation and family traditions... Every family celebrates special holidays in their own way, join us on our journey through typical Czech Christmas traditions.

  • 17.12.2015
  • Tereza Vítková

Prague's Best Christmas Markets

Get yourself in the festive spirit with a visit to the best Christmas markets in Prague! Wander around craft stalls with a mulled wine in your hand and soak up the seasonal atmosphere with us...

  • 28.11.2015
  • Tereza Vítková

Restaurant Day Prague

Prague was included in TOP 10 of all Restaurant Day events, so we were eager to make a round tour of the city to taste everything. But it was not a piece of cake! Literally :-) Unfortunately for us, everyone involved was so nice and friendly and offered delicious food, which means we managed just few of them and took some pics to share them with you.

  • 22.11.2015
  • Eva Belokostolska

Day Trip Out Of Prague - Svatý Jan pod Skalou


Svatý Jan pod Skalou (St. John under the Cliff), a delightful village deep in the forest nearby famous Karlštejn Castle, is other hidden gem of the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic. Its history dates back to the 9th century when, according to legend, the first Czech Christian hermit, Ivan, settled down in a cave under a large cliff and it's known for the run-down St John Benedictine Monastery and the attached baroque Church of St John the Baptist, which has a spectacular cross once located on Charles Bridge in Prague. 

We're only human, no one is perfect and we all make mistakes. Vacations are supposed to be stress-free and fun, yet there are many things that can potentially go wrong. If it can happen to the savviest travelers, it can happen to you too. So we advise to be prepared - when you start to plan your next vacation to Prague, don't make these common travel mistakes.

  • 15.11.2015
  • Tereza Vítková

Picturesque Town of Český Krumlov

Is no wonder that Český Krumlov is among the most visited spots in the Czech Republic. This fairy-tale small picturesque town will take your breath away and make you wanna move here (or explore this place more). Discover a true gem among the UNESCO monuments with our photos!

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