• 12.8.2015
  • Tereza Vítková

Swimming Lakes Around Prague

Swimming is fun and relaxing however when you add a super cool natural lake to the equation, it's bliss. There are many swimming holes to be had, but here some of our favorite swimming holes around Prague.

  • 6.8.2015
  • Tereza Vítková

How To Be Czech in 22 Easy Steps

People travel for all different reasons, but regardless the purpose or motivation, we all want to feel welcomed and learn something new every time we get out of the plane, train, or bus. By all means, be yourself and do what you are comfortable with, but sometimes a little bit of cultural awareness can make your trip a much better experience. Therefore, we put together this list of basic Czech etiquette.

And here you have the second part of the best summer festivals, this time for August. If you accidentally missed our previous Guide To Festivals, please be sure to read it to don't miss any of these awesome events during the rest of July!

Music festivals are as synonymous with summertime as barbecues and cold beer — and with dozens happening between now and end of holiday, there are plenty of choices to match your personal music tastes. Get to know the biggest and best music festivals in the Czech Republic for 2015 all in one handy place.

  • 18.6.2015
  • Tereza Vítková

Where Czechs Diseappear To Every Weekend?

Sometimes it is hard to hear Czech language when you are strolling through the down town due to masses of visitors, but it is certainly harder during the weekend. Why? Because most Praguers simply disappear from the city every weekend and go to their cottages, cabins and/or grandparents who live in the countryside. The traffic jams are always bad on the exit from the city on Friday afternoon and entering the city on Sunday evening. Never heard of weekend cabin?

Czech republic is a land of stunning architecture, unspoilt countryside, centuries of history and vibrant cities. But those aren't the only attractions that make our beloved Czechia unique. Try any of these five things and you'll leave the Czech republic with a better understanding of the culture, personality and general beauty than you could ever imagine.

  • 4.6.2015
  • Tereza Vítková

Prague's Best Summer Cinemas

Watch popular movies under the stars and experience a night to remember. No matter if romantic classics or latest blockbusters – lots of open air cinemas all around Prague guarantee unique movie nights. With popcorn, BBQ sausages, beer and a warming blanket you are perfectly prepared for a great movie night.

  • 21.5.2015
  • Tereza Vítková

Typical Czech Candy to Take Home

Czechs have an obsession with sweets. Many of the traditional candies haven't changed for generations, but are never out of style. You can find these yummy sweets in every store, supermarket or gas stations throughout the whole country. Who could resist buying a little box of delicious chocolates to nibble on at home? Do you want to know what to buy as souvenir from Czech republic? Chocolate is the best gift ever!

  • 14.5.2015
  • Tereza Vítková

9 Travel Apps for Visiting Prague

Prague can sometimes be a difficult place to navigate, especially for first time visitors. Luckily, technology has made discovering a new city much easier these days. If you have a smartphone, there's no need to feel lost. Here are a few of our favorite travel apps for exploring Prague - even as a Praguer!

  • 30.4.2015
  • Eva Belokostolska

11 Facts about Czech Ice Hockey Team

Ice Hockey World Championship 2015 starts tomorrow in Prague! Here's important info you need to know!

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