Guidilo - Valentines day in Prague
To help you have an enjoyable time on and around February 14, we've come up with Valentine's Day ideas for couples or singles, families or strangers.... Valentine's Day is around the corner and we'd love to assist you with your plans!

Plan a trip
Who says you have to plan your Valentine's Day activities in your hometown? Why not plan a fun trip somewhere you've always wanted to go that weekend? Explore new places, food and friends. Prague is always a good idea :-)

Show someone love
Do something for someone else. Send cards, invite someone out, give a rose to someone who may not receive flowers... It's a great day to celebrate the people we love. Anywhere they are.

Have a great meal
Have a delicious dinner at home (your hotelroom, if possible) with friends — have everyone bring a dish or pitch in and cook together. You can always order a good pizza and watch a romantic / sci-fi / horror movie at that time.
Tip: Enjoy the traditional Bohemian dinner with Vlasta E.

Go shopping
Don't wait for a husband or boyfriend to come along; buy yourself some flowers, scour a resale shop for some vintage jewelry, eat chocolate. Enjoy the traditions of the day now, whatever stage of life you are in. Go on a shopping spree for yourself.
Tip: Being single means you have the extra time and extra cash to treat yourself.

Throw a party
Have a thematic party - if you are at home, organize a red party (red dress code, bring something red to share - wine, strawberry brownies or red whoopie pies) or a movie party (watch as many movies with your favorite celebrity as you can). If you don't like St. Valetnine's Day at all and are you in Prague, go to the Anti-Valentines at Roxy.

Do something low-stress
Celebrate Valentine's Day with a trip to the bookstore. Find some quiet chairs in the back and read through books together and talk quietly. Or go to a very low-key coffee shop and sip a coffee together.

Wander around the city
Prague is full of wonders that won't bored you, even if you simply go out with no destination in your mind. See interesting sights, relax and share unique moments with your beloved.
Tip: If you need any help, ask Michal S.

See a Czech movie
Going to cinemas is always a great pass time enjoyed by most people, especially on Valentine's Day. Thankfully, there are great independent movie houses in Prague that show films in their original language with Czech subtitles. Just go to the Světozor cinema or Atlas cinema.

Go ice skiting
Prague's public ice skating rinks are located directly in the city centre. Valentine's Day is the perfect time to have some winter fun. Ice skating is a super romantic date activity, since you'll get to be snuggled up close to each other and hold hands all day. It's also an activity that almost anyone can do, even if they aren't very athletic.

Learn how to taste wine
Bring friends and loved ones along for an intimate wine-tasting experience at a cozy bar in the heart of Prague. Meet our great sommelier Petr S. and learn about wine pairing as you taste ten fine Czech wines paired with home-made bread, cheese & paté prepared with love.

Dare to be supremely romantic
Ok, ok, we know this is a touristic speciality, but St. Valentine´s Day is a special occasion. Ride a horse carriage tour through some of the fairytale secret spots in Prague.

After all, the premise of the day is love in and of itself, and love's not about chocolates, overpriced dinner and jewelry. It's about making someone else happy. So, whether you've been married for 30 years or you're as single as a slice of Kraft cheese, make the best of your Cupid Day in Prague...


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