• 7.11.2015
  • Eva Belokostolska

Day Trip Out Of Prague - Karlštejn

Day trip to Karlstejn from Prague


Although I have been to Karlštejn before I have visited just its castle, btw the most visited one in the Czech Republic, and the very commercial Main Street heading from the village up to the hill to the castle.  

This time I decided to leave the bustle of the touristy place behind and get out to the nearby countryside. The area offers attractive country walks with pretty landscapes and photogenic landmarks. 


Berounka River in Karlštejn near Prague
Berounka River, Karlštejn

Karlštejn cemetery
Karlštejn cemetery

Hiking sign  Karlštejn National Nature Reserve 
Hiking sign Karlštejn                                           National Nature Reserve


Karlštejn castle view
Karlštejn Castel view

Meadow above Karlštejn
On the meadow above the village

Statue in the village of Karlštejn  Hlasna Treban village near Karlstejn
Statue of St. Sebastian, village of Karlštejn                    Hlásná Třebaň village near Karlštejn

Autumn countryside around Prague
Picturesque countryside

Countryside around Prague

Karlštejn castle view
Another Karlštejn Castle view

Countryside around Karlštejn near Prague
Delightful landscape

Big America, Czech Grand Canyon
Czech Grand Canyon - Big Amerika (Velká Amerika), abandoned limestone quarry

Big America, Czech Grand Canyon  Mexico Quarry
                           Bid America                             Monument to political prisoners, Quarry Mexico

Mexico Quarry
Quarry Mexico (Mexiko)


Discover the countryside around Prague with locals:

Day trip to Karlstejn from Prague Day trip to Kutna Hora from Prague - - -



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