• 18.12.2014
  • Eva Belokostolska

DIY: Free Printable Christmas Tags

Free Printable Christmas Tags

It’s only 6 more days until Christmas… OMG! That (not only) sounds close!

Download these free printable christmas tags and surprise your loved ones with fabulously wraped gifts this year.

What you will need:
● our printable Christmas tags
● 200g A4 card (8 tags per sheet)
● scissors
● ribbon or rubber band
● hole punch
● good attitude

1. Print out the template onto white 200g card
2. Cut out the shapes with scissors
3. Hole punch the middle of the small circle at the top of each tag
4. Add your own ribbon or rubber band
5. Write your "To" and "From" details 
6. You are done!

Guidilo Christmas Printable Tags

We hope you enjoy these tags and wish you Very Merry Christmas!



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