Ethic Code GUIDILO

G Guidilo is a place where clients’ satisfaction comes first. Therefore it is important that each Local:
  • never discriminates other people based on his personal beliefs or any other prejudice (e.g. sex, skin color, appearance, nationality, political beliefs etc.) and in case of having different opinions acts with care and respect towards the person and circumstances that have led to the disagreement;
  • is aware that in case of copyright violation or inserting of inappropriate content his profile will be deleted;
  • receives approval from all photographed persons before publishing the images on his profile;
  • does not hesitate to announce any inappropriate behavior or law violation;
Uunique and excellent services are what everybody is expecting. Therefore a proper Local:
  • does not use his profile for commercial purposes and does not send spam emails;
  • does not use any complimentary or special offers by our gastronomic collaborators for his own benefits nor takes bribes and valuable gifts;
  • always respects and follows the rules;
  • does not offer his services without previous notification to Guidilo and does not provide his contact information to establish future collaborations (all communication with Travelers goes through;
I integrity. What our Locals have in common is a professional behavior in every situation. A Local therefore:
  • thinks positive, is open-minded, behaves professionally and with discretion;
  • uses only his own or licensed materials on his profile (optionally he may use images provided by Guidilo) and respects personal freedom and private ownership;
  • offers and provides experiences in compliance with requirements and traditions
  • meets legal and safety standards; is concerned about the safety of all people involved in the experience;
D discipline. If you are not familiar with this word, leave these pages right now! Proper Local is disciplined and:
  • accepts and carries out every experience as a serious obligation and cancels only if inevitable, but never last minute;
  • never consumes alcohol and narcotics nor offers its consumption to the Travelers or any other participating person;
  • never smokes in the presence of a Traveler;
  • abides hygienic habits and dresses suitably and representatively for the occasion;
I information. Each of our Locals is well informed about the place where the experience is taking place, and also:
  • has an up-to-date information regarding traffic, cultural and other events;
  • does not consciously share incorrect information;
  • never provides confidential information given by the Traveler;
  • tries to answer all questions regarding actual topic by using his best communicative skills;
L location. Proper Local offers his experiences based on certain location and:
  • has a good knowledge of the location and its surroundings, including historical, cultural and political roots and local habits;
  • accepts and follows all laws, regulations and rules valid for given location during his experiences;
  • is active, tries to enhance interest in the visited location or venue and does not hesitate to explain possible cultural differences;
  • discovers hidden, secret or forgotten places that are not included in traditional travel guides;
O originality. Our goal is that each Local:
  • offers a high quality, authentic and unique experience that cannot be found elsewhere;
  • keeps in mind that each Traveler is special, has different needs, requires individual approach;
  • contributes with his appropriate attitude and positive feedback to the quality of Guidilo community and overall image of the Czech Republic;
  • is reliable, open-minded, hardworking, helpful and kind at all times.