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This is an optimal choice if you want to discover a nice historical spot out of Prague and are interested in healthy lifestyle! We are going to walk a bit, check some local cannabis products and taste some wonderful home-made cheeses.

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Train ticket, food & drinks included.

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Prague main railway station - infront of Burger King.


The experience starts in Prague in the Prague main railway station. We will take a fast train and travel to the town of Benesov. This will last around 40 mins and luckily you will use the classical old-fashioned Czech train.
Then we will walk through a lovely forest park until the Konopiste Castle (2,5 km). The castle name's translation is "cannabis place", as there was a long tradition of growing cannabis in the surrounding fields. It has been used to produce ropes, clothes and even weapons and paper. Today, cannabis is used (not only) for medicinal purposes.
We will view the old castle, the adjacent lake and luckily the famous castle's protector - a bear called Jiri (George). Then we will visit the cannabis shop and check some healthy products (top quality seeds, oil, soap, lotion and so on). You will have hance to buy them too!
After that we will eat in a restaurant and drink the famous local beer "Ferdinand", named by Archduke Franz Ferdinand, who's assassination in Sarajevo started the World War I. Konopiste was the Archduke's last residence...
Then we will slowly move back to the town and travel to a nearby village to visit a small family bio farm. We will take a look on the cows, inside the tiny cheese factory and discover the story of natural way of making dairy products: from the cow-nutrition until the final treatment... And tasting, naturally :-)

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120 € 3000 CZK
10 Hours

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