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You drink wine but would like to learn more about it? If you're coming to Prague and feel like learning about Czech wine would be a good thing to do – maybe just for the sake of being able to order the wines you like at a restaurant - then this tasting is for you. I'm offering personal wine tasting of high quality wines from small wineries of Czech Republic.

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Discount for groups of 6 persons and more. For more information please contact Guidilo ( or send a chat message (click on a chat icon on the bottom of the page)
Adults over the age of 18 only permitted

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DEN NOC, Bistro and Wine Bar, Templova 7, Prague 1


I will introduce to you all wine regions and give you background of Czech wine production. Each wine has a story to tell, because there is always 1 person behind it (and I know all of them personally). You will taste 8 different samples. My wife will bake a delicious homemade bread. This event will take around 1,5 hour, but all depends on atmosphere and it's up to you how long you want to enjoy it. The wine tasting will be situated in my wine bar.... That means the event can be open and you can try more than just 8 samples, or buy a great wine to bring it home to your friends.

Customer review

For those who have a taste for wine we would definitely recommend this wine tasting experience. We arrived at the Noc Vinny Bar to a warm welcome by Petr who is trying to establish his new business. The ambience was perfect; with music playing in the background. We were asked what our preferences were and, if you have one, it’s important to say because Petr will choose the wines for your individual palate. But … if you are open to try new wines put your trust in Petr because he will select some very interesting and tantalising fine wines. Our initial worry, of being legless in no time, vanished when Petr served us with fresh locally produced bread and cheeses to complement the white wines. Has anyone thought to dip cheese in honey? We hadn’t, but try it, surprisingly it works. It was so interesting to learn a little of the history and background to the wineries. We were surprised how wines can taste so different even from the same region, same hillside. When we moved on to the red wines Petr served us with more fresh bread accompanied with locally produced fresh pâté and a cranberry dip; perfect. His choice of wines was excellent. Altogether we tasted 10 wines and of course some were more enjoyable than others but we now know which wines to select when eating out in Prague. To complete our wine tasting experience and to send us on our ‘merry’ way, Petr handed us a small glass of ‘Lokus’, which is fortified Moravian wine (similar to port). A bottle of Lokus accompanied us on our trip home to help prolong the memory of our remarkable trip to Prague. We would definitely recommend this wine tasting experience. Carolyn and Bindh, Yorkshire, England

Published 11.4.2015 / Sender Carolyn Pickersgill

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