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Prague is one of the most “slack” cities in the world. Almost every sunny day there is a slackline session in the park. Slackline is a modern version of a tightrope walking. This sport develops your balance and concentration skills. It naturally builds your core. But most important is the feeling which you get from slacklining. Your effort will change to the euphoria. You will walk in the air. Your body and mind will surprise you!

Additional information:

You can walk barefoot (but your feet will be a bit dirty) or in shoes with soft flat soles ( plimsolls, sneakers)
Take comfortable clothing which can get a bit dirty.
Take something what protect you from rain and cold. Come rain or shine, this slackline workshop will take place either way – so be prepared!

Learning slackline include lot of falling (from 1 ft /30 cm height) ask yourself if your body ( back, knees ...) is ready for that.
There is also possibility to make Slackline in Prague Park for bigger group or just for one person. Please contact Guidilo about that. Children and dogs are welcome.

Meeting point:

Close to the park / close to you


We will meet at the place close to the park (a public transport stop or your hotel). First we will walk on the place, rigg lines and I will explain you how to walk on it. (15 - 30 minutes). The next 90 minutes will be just for you and the line. After first 20 minutes of trying you will feel desperate. The line will be still shaking a lot, even if you try your best. However, this will change in next 40 or 60 minutes. But it is not easy to stay motivated. According to my experience, it is better to learn slackline in two or more people, because this way you can see, that slackline is difficult for everybody. After the lesson you will be happy and the day after you will feel muscles you never felt before!

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