Lukos H.

Hey there! My name is Lukos Hey, an Australian national living and working in the Czech capital, Prague. I came here for a brief holiday and never left and its hard to see why not, this is simply a magical city, perfect for an Artist and Musician as myself.

Ofcourse its tough to live from being an arty type, so over the years i have learnt a great deal about the city and its long rich history and have formed an interesting and unique tour of Prague.

My interest in History and Politics, Arts and the Sciences culminate in this intriquing city, the best tours of Prague marry all of these interesting topics.

I speak english, a little like the queens english infact, but much funnier... 

I also speak enough Czech, so i will be more than happy to teach you some fun and possibly practical words in Czech. I can also tell you some words that will make the locals you meet smile and laugh with you, (not at you).  Huh... 

As a Musican, i have access to a unique and sometimes darker side of Praha, there is an unbelievable amount of talent here and some of the venues are simply bizarre. We once played in a Nuclear Holocaust safety bunker!

I also work as an English teacher, a job most expats endure at one point in their existence here. It can be alot of fun and  very rewarding as one gets to know the Czechs on an even more intimate level.

But mostly i work as a free lance Artist, ive painted peoples Bars and Clubs, Cafes and even on walls in private houses, designed tattos, even payed to paint a message on the John Lennon Wall. Much of the work depicts Prague, its simply too difficult to ignor the splendor of a thousand years of well kept Architecture styles. 

So welcome and Vitame Vas..

My passions...