Clare S.

I'm a writer from Manchester, England. I arrived in Prague aged 22 with nothing but a suitcase and a vague plan to stay for six months… or so. But the city charmed me into staying for one year, and then another (if you’re wondering how a city could possibly do that, then I just know you haven’t visited Prague!) I’ve been here for five years now, and I don't plan on leaving soon!

I’ve been busy during that time though, learning all I can about Czech culture, history, language and customs – and, of course, food and drink! In these few years I’ve seen the city’s food scene undergo a transformation, and I think it’s becoming one of the most exciting food cities in Europe.

I run Prague’s independent food and drink blog, Bohemian Bites, and I’m the author of the upcoming culinary guidebook, the Glutton Guide to Prague. I’m not Czech, so I learned all about the cuisine through research and (a lot of) tasting – so I can tell you what makes it different, what makes it special, and what you might find surprising!

There’s nothing I like more than meeting like-minded foodies and travellers, and introducing them to Czech food and great restaurants in Prague. I hope you'll be as enchanted as I am by my adopted home city.

My passions...