Artuš K.

I was born in Znojmo in the year 1986- Znojmo is a small town in Southern Moravia (eastern part of Czech Republic). Some people call this city “little Prague”. That’s the place where my passion for architecture and culture began. I stayed there until the age of eleven and then moved to the Netherlands. There I studied Dutch Law and learned to speak Dutch, English, German and also to understand the “Western mentality.” Although my live in the Netherlands was promising I decided to go back to my roots. In 2010 I moved to Prague and started to study Liberal Arts and Humanities at the Charles University. I fell in love with the city right away. To finance my study I started to guide tourists in Prague. What started as a sideline job grew into a real passion. In 2011 I became a certified tour guide. I would love to share my gained knowledge and my passion for the city with you. 

My passions...