Dana H.

Hi, my name is Dana. I was born and raised in Prague. Sample kid of 80´s. Born in communism, living in democracy. When the regime changed in 1989, I was already 8.

Most of my life I have been breathing this local Prague air. However, I also spent some time abroad and have been traveling extensively. Besides Czech Republic, my second homes are Canada and Norway where I used to live.

I am vegetarian. However, I am not a hippie or a green fanatic, I look pretty normal and behave in a common way. I do enjoy applied arts and public design, love discovering new café places in Prague and can spend hours and days outside hiking. I like brushing teeth as I am scared of dentists. I like to cuddle pets and am obsessed with flying. My recent obsession is sauna. And in general I am not weird:-)


I just recently quit in PR field and am now a full time freelancer, working on my own as a local guide.

My passions...

travelingCouchsurfinglanguagesrock musicrecyclingcleaning teethsauna