Siyu S.

Hi I'm Siyu, from China. Whenever I introduce myself I'd say "Hi I'm Siyu, like see you tomorrow". Then everybody remembers me :)

I love going to gym, playing the piano, hiking/travelling and making friends with interesting people. Another biggest hobby is my is learning languages. I'm now speaking 2 Chinese dialects plus mandarin, English, German, and some Czech. Probably next language will be ... Swahili?

I can definitely show you more interesting places in Czech Republic other than the city of Prague (which is of course a must to visit). Maybe you want to know if there is any real good Chinese restaurant in Prague, I have the answer :D


我叫盛思羽,没有起英文名,所以都让老外直接喊我Siyu。他们的发音是”See you”,所以我自我介绍的时候都这么说:Hi I’m Siyu, like “See you tomorrow”。这是我刚认识就要跟人说再见的硬伤,不过,你记住我了吗?


My passions...