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Family Activities In Prague

 Family Activities in Prague by Guidilo.com

Discover family-friendly activities and helpful information for families heading to Prague. The City of a Hundred Spires can make anyone, no matter how old, feel like a child. Follow our guide to the best things to do with kids in Prague to find child-friendly restaurants, weird and wonderful museums, safe and fun places to play outside and all sorts of activities whatever the weather.

#1 Mirror Maze 
Petřín Hill is one of the best places for children. Not only because of the funicular ride and the lookout tower, there's a mirror maze up here, too. The maze is quite small but it would be still fun for kids (and adults as well) seeing yourself becoming shorter or longer.
TIP: Better go during weekdays, weekends are crowded
Admission: Adult 120 CZK / Children 70 CZK / Family 250 CZK

#2 Štefánik's Observatory 
Petřín hill has more to offer than the lookout tower or the mirror maze. Štefánik's Observatory is opened to the public for day & night sky observations and explains the knowledge of astronomy to all visitors – big or small.
Admission: Adult 80 CZK / Children 3-15 years old 50 CZK / Family 140 CZK
TIP: Put attention to the opening hours, it's changing by the year season, working days and weekend

#3 Play Across Prague 
Sick of places cluttered by tourists? Experience a smart outdoor fun with a puzzle game. This scavenger hunt takes you off the beaten track and keep the whole family busy all afternoon long.
Admission: 590 CZK per person

#4 Bobsleigh track 
Bobsled run in Prague, that means 1-2 person sleds running down the 800 meters long chute made of steel. Scared of high speed? Don't worry, one can easily control the speed by using the brake. And after the ride a lift takes you back up to the top of the hill. Children from 3 years may try Children Rope Park with low obstacles and a big trampoline.
Admission: Adult 70 CZK / Children up to 100 cm – Free / Children up to 150 cm 50 CZK /

#5 Aviation Museum Kbely 
A wonderful collection preserving Czech aviation history can be found in this museum, located at Prague's original airport at Kbely, 8 km north-east of the city center. The collection is among the best in Europe and holds many unique aircrafts - from the German World War II ME-262 jet fighter and to a large collection of MIG's.
Admission: Free of charge

#6 Indoor adventure mini-golf 
Indoor mini-golf, darts or an escape game are best saved for a wet day. And this one is special because you'll have a lot of fun playing mini-golf in the dark.
Admission: Adult 200 CZK / Children up to 120 cm 50 CZK / Children 120 CZK / Family 500 CZK

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#7 National Technical Museum 
If planes, trains and automobiles are your passion, be sure to include a visit to the National Technical Museum. Discover some amazing technical stuff and maybe there will be a possibility to have some actual participation in some technical devices (check their website before your visit).
Admission: Adult 190 CZK / Children up to 6 years - free / Children 90 CZK / Family 420 CZK
TIP: The museum offers also a wide range of exhibitions

#8 Prague ZOO
If you are worn out through culture, or the children are clamoring for other diversions, a visit to one of the best zoos in the world is definitely recommended. The great animal exhibits and attractions vary in geography and species, but all are full of jaw-dropping wonder, whether it's the African House, the Indonesian Jungle, or Elephant Valley.
Admission: Adult 200 CZK / Children up to 3 years - free / Children 3 - 15 years 150 CZK / Family 600 CZK
TIP: Check out the seal feeding and training sessions before your visit

#9 Steamboat cruise 
Just getting to the zoo can be part of the adventure. Take an hour cruise along the Vltava River and experience city's beauty with the magnificent views of Prague's monuments.
Admission: various admission – depends on the stop

#10 Soap bubbles
Sightseeing might be not so interesting for the little ones but they will definitely love all the people playing with soap bubbles. "Soap artists" can be found usually around the Old Town Square or the Charles Bridge.

#11 National Marionette Theatre 
This theatre is devoted to puppetry performances, shows are nearly every evening. It generally stages adaptations of classic opera and theatre, with the most successful serial production thus far being Don Giovanni, which uses period costume and has a run of over 4000.
Admission: Varies from show to show

#12 Meet locals
Meet our Local Martina and her 2 charming kids. Have fun together while chatting and playing with your kids, share your parenting tips & tricks and spend a nice afternoon like an ordinary Praguer.

#13 Get Prague Family Kit by Katka
The Kit takes you around Prague in three self-guided tours with 23+ sights and 18 family adventures. Includes fun tasks for kids, legends, trivia quizzes, cut out puzzles, playgrounds, parks and family friendly eating spots. With the Adult Guidebook, Activity book and a backpack full of Art & Play Accessories the Prague Family Kit gives you 3 full days of family fun. Suitable for families with kids from 4 to 12 y.o.

Useful tips
Czechs are very family-oriented, and there are plenty of activities around the city for children.

Children's Playgrounds
There are safe, well-designed playgrounds all over the city, without any costs. Most popular among Locals are playgrounds around Letná, Children's Island, Petřín hill, Francisian Garden or Vyšehrad. On Slav Island, even pedal boats and rowboats can be rented.

An increasing number of Prague restaurants cater specifically for children, with play areas and so on, and many offer a children's menu (dětský jídelníček).

Admission fees
The maximum age for child discounts on admission fees varies from 12 to 18; children under six (or 100 cm) often get in for free.

Please, always check the above mentioned company's website for the for the most current information and updates!

So you've zoomed through our top family activities and are still looking for more things to do? Be sure to read The Ultimate List from Localgrapher!

Do you have another fun activity that deserves to be on the list?
Feel free to share your favorite things to do in Prague with kids!

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