• 2.10.2014
  • Tereza Vítková

Hot Spots in Prague

 Guidilo - hot spots in Prague

Are you searching for the best spots in Prague? Then keep on reading and check out the complete list of Czech Bar Awards 2014! Most of them are located in Prague but few of them are placed all around the Czech republic. Congratulations to all of the worthy winners and hope to see you there...

The best café
#1 EMA espresso bar, Prague 1 
#2 Café Savoy, Prague 5 
#3 Můj šálek kávy, Prague 8 
#4 Cafe-Cafe, Prague 1 
#5 Café Louvre, Prague 1 
Accompany needed? Just ask Andrea S.

The best cockatil bar
#1 Hemingway bar, Prague 1
#2 Black Angel's Bar, Prague 1
#3 La Casa de la Havana vieja, Prague 1
#4 Tretter's Bar, Prague 1
#5 Bar, který neexistuje (The Bar that doesn´t exist), Brno
Vlasta E. has visited all of them. What´s her opinion of this list? Check it out with her directly!

The best design bar
#1 La Bohème Café, Prague 2
#2 Home Kitchen, Prague 7
#3 Oblaca, Prague 3
#4 Tea Mountain, Prague 8
#5 Veltlin, Prague 8
Do you want to visit the best design bar and have great pics at the same time? Ask Eliška K. to join you! 

The best hotel bar
#1 Black Angel's Bar / U Prince, Prague 1
#2 BeBop Bar / Alcron, Prague 1
#3 1887 Bar / The Augustine, Prague 1
#4 Cloud 9 Sky & Lounge / Hilton, Prague 8
#5 Buddha-Bar & Hotel, Prague 1
Luna N. is ready to recommend you the best non-smoking spots! 

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The best club
#1 Jazz Dock, Prague 5
#2 Dance Bar Paradox, České Budějovice
#3 City Lounge Music Club & Bar, Český Krumlov
#4 SaSaZu, Prague 7
#5 2. patro, Prague 1
Jazz Dock is a favorite place of František J. 

The best new spot
#1 Café Placzek, Brno
#2 Bruxx, Prague 2
#3 Prosekárna, Prague 2
#4 Kafe Karlín, Prague 8
#5 Café 80's, Prague 1
Anna C. loves to explore new places!

The best pub
#1 Výčep Na stojáka – Jakubák, Brno
#2 Vinohradský parlament, Prague 2
#3 Black Stuff Irish Pub, Olomouc
#4 Lokál Dlouhá, Prague 1
#5 Kulový blesk, Prague 2
Let's have a beer with Martin P. 

The best wine bar
#1 Velký Vinograf, Prague 1
#2 Petit Cru wine bar & shop, Brno
#3 Red Pif, Prague 1
#4 Bubble Lounge, Prague 1
#5 Bokovka, Prague 1
Michal S. is our wine local expert! 

If you want to get the best cocktail ever, ask the best bartender - David Andrle form Hemingway bar!

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