• 11.10.2015
  • Tereza Vítková

Mental Prague Tour

We have so many great photos capturing our experiences, awesome things and places to see across the whole Czech Republic, insider tips or interesting adventures and don't want to keep them just for ourselves... To be able to share our adventure with all of you, we have set up this special blog category!

Let's start off with our last Yelp event! Every autumn Guidilo & Yelp held a common event and this year was presented Mental Prague Tour: a very alternative tour with a local disabled guide. So, free your mind and explore Prague from a totally different perspective, learn new unexpected details about Prague history and have fun!

Mental Prague Tour by Guidilo.comMental Prague Tour with Yelp by Guidilo.com  Mental Prague Tour at Love Locks (close to John Lennon Wall)  Mental Prague Tour by Guidilo.comMental Prague Tour by Guidilo.comAlternative Prague Tour by Guidilo.com  Devil's Channel Prague   Alternative Prague Tour by Guidilo.com
Prague by Night  

PS: More pics from our adventures come occasionally, stay tuned!

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