Original Souvenirs to Bring Back from Czech Republic

You will undoubtedly want to bring back some souvenirs for your friends and family from the Czech Republic (and probably for yourself as well). But most of us often get stuck buying cheap Chinese or Russian crap.... If you're looking for nice, unique and authentic gifts from Prague, there are lots of quality products that you can find quite easily. Check out the list below for some ideas!

Souvenirs for kids
Gingerbread (Perník)
All kids have sweet tooth, so all you got to do is to simply bring a delicious treat. Our favorite one is definitely perníčky – honeyed gingerbread shapes decorated with marzipan. The most famous Czech perník comes from the town Pardubice, however you can find great selection of gingerbreads in Prague as well. Try the „Gingerbread dream" in the Old Town.

Kooh-i-Noor colored pencils, crayons & pens
The graphite Koh-i-noor 1500 pencil is supposedly the most popular pencil in the world. The company offers a wide assortment of pencils, pens, crayons and other artistic accessories and stationery and you can find their products in most stationery stores all over the Czech Republic.

If you want to amaze your little monsters with toys, then handmade wooden toys, the famous plastic figure Igráček or the Little Mole are an ideal choice for you. Let's head to Michle and let the nice lady from Retro Toys (Retro hračky) help you with your choice. If you don't have time to go to Prague 4, there's another toy shop in the city centre – Hugo Goes Barefoot (Hugo chodí bos).

Souvenirs for her
Cosmetics Products
The Czech brand Manufaktura with its own original cosmetics products and accessories for unique home spa, it's definitely the most popular one. But you can find also quality cosmetics products from a small company called Boemi all around Prague, especially on local farmers' markets or Christmas or Easter markets.

Czech jewelry
A ring or a bracelet made from the Bohemian garnet (Český granát) or moldavite (vltavín) makes every woman happy. You can find them in almost every jeweler's shop in Prague, but if you want something original, ask our Local Kristina to take you to one of her favorite antique shops and find your treasure.

The most famous Czech bobbin lace products are made in Vamberk in Eastern Bohemia. But if your recipient of a gift is skillfully and likes sewing, then a lace for her dress can be a convenient present. Shop in various textile stores and find the right one.
Unique tours with locals in Prague

Souvenirs for him
Czech liquid treasures
Famous Czech beer, slivovice or Becherovka don't need to be introduced, everyone knows them well (sometimes without ever tasting them). So why not to bring a canned beer or a small bottle of Becherovka? In the worst-case scenario (forgetting about someone, no time for souvenir shopping, traveling only with your carry-on,...) you can buy them at the airport as well.

Hockey jersey or soccer shirts
Is your beloved one fan of Jaromír Jágr, Petr Čech or even Sparta? So why not to bring him a shirt or a Czech national team jersey?

Beer glass
Beer Club (Pivovarský klub) in Prague 8 will satisfy every beer lover. With more than 240 kinds of beer in bottles, 6 beers on tap and a wide selection of beer decorations, including beer glass, you won't regret to come here.

Souvenirs for friends
Czech candy
Who could resist buying a little box of delicious chocolates to nibble on at home? Chocolate is the best gift ever! For everyone!

Botas shoes
Botas shoes have been made for more than 60 years and belong to the high-quality products from the Czech Republic in the period of normalization. Nowadays, Botas shoes gain popularity among artists, sportsmen or teenagers. 

Mechanical puzzles
Czechs like solving various puzzles and creating stuff. If you have a friend with the same hobby, then with a hedgehog in the cage (ježek v kleci) you'll undoubtedly hit the jackpot.

The tradition of porcelain production in the Czech Republic is very long and boasts a good reputation abroad as well. The most famous porcelain is called "cibulák" (Blue Onior or Zwiebelmuster) and is simply recognized – blue design on white pattern in the shape of an onion. The original cibulák can be bought in Vinohrady district (they arrange shipping as well) and for other small items head to the Old Town.

Pricey souvenirs

Bohemian glass
Czech crystal has a centuries-long history of being internationally recognized for its high quality, craftsmanship, beauty and often innovative designs. Moser Glass is one of the best-known manufacturers but the Rückl Crystal glasswork satisfies the most demanding customers as well.

Czech fashion
Forget about mall shopping in Prague. It is the same as any other city. What you want is a Czech famous brand like Klára Nademlýnská, Josef Klír or Beata Rajská. However the phrase "golden Czech hands" is based on true facts. Czech Labels & Friends, HardDeCore or Chatty is the proof enough.

A huge collection of Czech modern and contemporary art can be found in various places in Prague. From the copy of Mucha's postcards to original paintings of living artists.

TOP INSIDER TIP: One of our Locals, Lukos is a world famous artist! Don't miss this unique opportunity to get his best paintings on a mug or a bag. You can even purchase it before / after your trip to Prague and the best part? Free shipping for all orders over 30 Euros! So get your art piece now!
Or you can meet him face to face on his Weird & Wonderful Tour of Prague and ask him to paint something for you!

Top shopping tips
» Avoid blatant souvenir-shop streets around major sights (Wenceslas Square, Old Town
   Square, Charles Bridge, ...). Shop instead where Praguers do.
» By purchasing a local souvenir you'll get better customer service (including insider tips)
    and help local craftspeople.
» Please do not buy Matrjoškas & Absinth – they are not Czech (Absinthe St. Antoine is the
    only honourable exception)
» Check customs regulations of the country you're travelling to before buying edibles.
    Rules differ.
» Also, look for stores displaying Global Blue Tax Free Shopping signage in the window to
    get your refund.

Good luck on your shopping adventures!

Do you have a tip for finding the perfect Czech souvenir? Let us know!

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