Prague Bucket List: 20 Things to Do Before You Die (or Leave) by Guidilo
Whether you are visiting the City Of a Hundred Spires, or you are a Prague local, there are a few MUST SEE attractions. At times when we live someplace for so long, we tend to lose sight of how special our own backyard is and why people come from hundreds and thousands of miles away to come here. Don't worry if they're stereotypes or "meant for tourists," there are awesome things waiting for you. Right now. Here are 20 Prague things to cross off your bucket list in 2017!

#1 Stroll across the Charles Bridge
Call it a cliché if you want, but it's hard to deny the appeal of an evening (or early morning) stroll across this landmark. With the powerful silhouette of Prague Castle in the background and the gallery of Baroque statues on both sides, it's worth meandering behind slow-walking tourists to take it in.
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#2 Take a look around Prague Castle
Prague Castle is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest castle in the world and there's a lot to explore once you step inside. And there's more! The little quarter called "Nový Svět" (New World) will surprise you with its charming houses and (almost) empty streets.
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#3 Watch Changing of the Guard ceremony
The Changing of the Guard at Prague Castle takes place every hour on the hour from 7AM in the morning till 8PM in the summer season (and from 7AM to 6PM in the winter season). If you want to see an extra touch of pomp and ceremony then you need to be there at noon when the banners are exchanged and the fanfare is played.

#4 Experience a medieval world wonder – the Astronomical Clock
Every hour between 9 am and 11 pm, twelve Apostles appear on the famous 15th century Astronomical Clock and still amazes people from all over the world with its procession, moving statues and visualization of time like no other instrument in the world.
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Please note that the popular Astronomical Clock is to be closed for repairs from May 2017 and it's expected to be running again in May of 2018. There's a video-mapping planned as a substitute for you guys. The planned repairs will also close access to the lookout gallery around the Old Town Tower, with its magnificent view over the whole city, and it's expected to re-open by November 2017. 

#5 Explore the secrets of Wenceslas Square
Locals might bemoan Wenceslas Square's touristy hustle and bustle, but the neon wonderland is undeniably Prague's beating heart. There's always something happening here: street performances, live music, celebrations, art exhibitions, demonstrations... Thousands of people pass through here daily, probably not even knowing the hidden passages. Don't be a tourist and explore the secret passageways.
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#6 Write your message on Lennon Wall
The wall, located in the picturesque Little Quarter neighborhood, began to be painted with Lennon's images and related graffiti after the Beatle's assassination in 1980. The wall is owned by the Knights of Malta, who allowed the graffiti to continue on the wall.

#7 Go up the Petřín
Do you even realize how magnificent Prague is? Not yet? Then beat the 299 steps to the Petřín lookout tower and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Golden City. Petřín Hill is also a very kid friendly place. Not only because of the funicular ride and the lookout tower, there's a mirror maze and observatory up here, too.
TIP: For more family activities in Prague check out our previous blog post

#8 Ride the tram
Instead of going on Hop-On Hop-Off bus tour, take the tour on a tram. We recommend tram Nr. 17 or Nr. 22, just don't forget to validate your ticket.
TIP: If you are more sport, less walking, then the Real Prague By Bike would probably suit you better

#9 Hear live jazz at Reduta
The history of the jazz and theatre club Reduta began in the year 1958 and after 57 years, this excellent club's stage still hosts the best artists. Even the U.S. President Bill Clinton participated in a jam session here during his visit (and he was not the only president who came - Václav Havel, Fernando Cardoso, Mary Robinson...)

#10 Spend the whole day in ZOO
Prague Zoological Garden is the fourth best zoo in the world (by TripAdvisor) which is a good reason worth considering, don't you think? Feel free to browse our gallery to see what the zoo has to offer.

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#11 Rent your own paddleboat
There's nothing more charming and romantic than rent a small boat and see the city from a different perspective. The paddleboat is absolutely easy to handle, so gather up your friends and hit up one of the many rental spots around town. (Unfortunately this is a season & weather-dependent activity)
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#12 Eat "chlebíčky"- a lot
Chlebíček is the classic Czech open-faced sandwich with various flavors. You may go to one of the best (Sisters), but really just eat a lot of them, because when you leave, it will never be the same.
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#13 See the Dancing House
Dancing House designed by Croatian-born Czech architect Vlado Milunić, is also called Ginger & Fred, after the dance-duo and offers an amazing view of Prague.
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#14 Walk through the Jewish Quarter
Walk through a former Jewish Ghetto and surrounded area and visit the most important Prague's synagogues - the Old New Synagogue, Maisel, Pinkas or Klausen. But the Spanish Synagogue will especially blow your mind.

#15 Step inside the Municipal House
This Art Nouveau building is an example of unprecedented artistic and craft skills and quality. Its rich exterior and interior decorations amazing many tourists. The monumental Smetana Hall dominates the stunning interior, which features a plethora of charming lounges and halls; its unique Art Nouveau decorations are ubiquitous – in the café, the French and Pilsener restaurants, and the American bar, the second oldest bar in Europe.

#16 Visit gorgeous libraries
Libraries are storehouses of information and resources and it's no secret that Prague has a lot to offer... National Library of Technology, Strahov library or the world's most beautiful library – Klementinum.
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#17 Enjoy the 360° view of Prague from Žižkov TV Tower
Unquestionably the main landmark of the Žižkov district – at 216 m in height, it's the tallest building in the city. With a 360° view, Prague is laid out before your eyes. Ten giant sculptures of babies by leading Czech artist David Černý crawl all over the outside of the tower.
TIP: Explore more from Žižkov area

#18 Drink all the beers you can
It is an understatement to say that the Czech Republic has a strong beer culture. So, when in Prague, taste all the beers you can! On top of that, beer can be cheaper than water.
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#19 Have a breakfast at Náplavka
If you want to taste a real local production and a great atmosphere, go to farmer's markets at the riverbank of Vltava near to Palackého Náměstí. Local farmers offer fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, sausages, homemade cakes, beer and cider. When the weather cooperates, just sit on river banks and enjoy great food and wonderful atmosphere.

#20 Watch a performance at National Theatre
Whatever the show you're seeing, this place is gorgeous if you stop to look around a little bit.

Our Prague bucket list will make sure you've hit the unmissable spots that you simply won't find anywhere else. Just keep in mind that you don't have to tackle everything in a day (but we wouldn't blame you for trying), Prague will always welcome you back!

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