• 31.10.2015
  • Tereza Vítková

Prague BurgerFest

BurgerFest Prague by Guidilo.com

Quite a lot of people ask us: where is the restaurant called BurgerFest so we can visit it as well? Sorry to inform you guys that BurgerFest is not a restaurant but a unique two-day food and cultural festival, held every year in September in Prague! Feel free to browse through our archive but be warned: you will get hungry.

BurgerFest Prague by Guidilo.comExcellent venison burger from Kaiser Franz, definitely worth trying!

BurgerFest Prague by Guidilo.com
The festival attract big crowds every year...

BurgerFest Prague by Guidilo.com
Delicious burger from MadDog Bistro

BurgerFest Prague by Guidilo.com  BurgerFest Prague by Guidilo.com
Colorful burgers from La Loca - Black Blue Cheese Burger & Pink-ish Hot Beef Burger

BurgerFest Prague by Guidilo.com
Place of the event: The Industrial Palace

BurgerFest Prague by Guidilo.com
Great job, chefs! 

BurgerFest Prague by Guidilo.com
Yeah, we had a lot of fun with Jack! 

 If you got hungry (or fancy a burger), we've a special tip for you: flambing burger! If you like dramatic effects or want to impress someone, go ahead to La Loca and order their
 Black Fire Beef Burger.
La Loca flambing burger

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