• 6.11.2014
  • Tereza Vítková

Prague Celebrates Saint Martin’s Day

Guidilo - St. Martins Day
November 11 - the day of St. Martin – is getting closer. According to old Czech weather lore, it is the first day on which we can expect snowfall because Martin may arrive on a white horse. And he sometimes does. This day celebrates the end of the growing season and the beginning of harvesting. It also marks the last day to celebrate before the fasting of Advent begins. You can honour St. Martin's Day by sampling young wines and fragrant, golden-roasted goose!

If you are familiar with the French tradition of Beaujolais you already know pretty much what will happen on St. Martin's Day. At 11am on November 11, bottles of Svatomartinské víno (St. Martin's wine) are opened in wine cellars and bars across the country. Look out for St Martin's wine in wine cellars and keep an eye out for labels saying "Svatomartinské víno". You will definitely find it here:

Vinotéka Cellarius
November 11-12 (7pm – 9pm)
Reservations reqired! Places are limited, so book early to avoid disappointment (603 156 668)

Vineyards of St. Claire (Prague Botanical Garden)
November 11 (at 11 am)
Everyone is welcome to participate on the opening ceremony of St. Martin's wines at the vineyard of St Clare. No need to reserve.

St. Martin´s Cruise on Vltava river (Czechie Boat)
November 11 (at 11am, 3,30 pm and 8pm)
Come and spend a relaxing and romantic cruise to welcome the new Moravian wines Znovin Znojmo year 2014. Price 1100 CZK / person. Reservation needed.

National Agricultural Museum 
November 15 (10am – 6pm)
Tasting St. Martin's wine and young wines from leading Moravian and Bohemian wine producers, gastronomic specialities, cymbalo music, market stalls in the museum courtyard and a children's programme.

Náplavka (Rašínovo nábřeží river bank)
November 15 (10am – 8pm)
Visit the popular farmers' market located at Rašín's river bank and taste delicious wine and traditional Czech meals.

The typical St Martin's day feast consisted of a roast goose served, as many things are here, with cabbage and dumplings (and the young wine, of course). If you are in Prague anytime in November, many restaurants will offer special goose menus, so be sure to look for St. Martin's posters in local restaurants or ask our Locals to suggest one for you.

U Pinkasů
November 11 (10am – 11pm)
You will find here meals prepared according to selected recipes from the recipe books of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers.

Lavande Restaurant
November 7 – 16 (8,30am – 11pm)
Local farmers´products, seasonal vegetables and fruit from small growers – that´s Lavande. Each menu contains high-quality meat and if you are interested in vegetarian and gluten-free dishes, you will find a wide choice as well.

Il Giardino Restaurant
November 16 (11,30am – 3pm – brunch)
Enjoy the stunning view of Prague, including fun & wine casino game – a funny way how to verify your knowledge about wines. The winner will get the voucher for Sunday Brunch.

Triton Restaurant
November 11 – 16 (11,30am - 11pm)
The hidden treasure of Wenceslas square – a stalactite cave in the heart of Prague. Besides delicious meals, the restaurant offers you an untraditional encounter with ancient mythology.

Terrace at the Golden Well
November 11 – 16 (7am – 11pm)
Located on the fourth floor of the Golden Well Hotel, with a magnificent view of Prague, delicious cuisine and beautiful interior. Enjoy a special St. Martin's and try the traditional gold-roasted goose.

If there are still leaves on trees and vines on St. Martin's Day, be sure the winter will be harsh! (Na stromech a révě do Martina listí – tuhá zima přijde, buďme jisti!)

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