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There's a lot about Prague you probably don't know. We've compiled a list of Prague interesting facts (spoiler: answers to your questions inside) sure to enlighten even life-long locals! So, test your knowledge with our trivia quiz and let us know how sucesfull you were!

Question 1
What's the translation of the Latin motto: Praga Mater Urbium?

Question 2
The full name of the St. Vitus Cathedral changed in 1997, into which name?

Question 3
How many stairs do you need to climb to reach the top of the Petřín lookout tower?

Question 4
The biggest Czech bell is hanging at the Prague's Castle. How much does it weigh?

Question 5
There's a building considered as one of the ugliest in the world. Which one?

Question 6
What's the nickname of the Dancing House, designed by Croatian-born Czech architect Vlado Milunić?

Question 7
Who paid to light the Prague Castle?

Question 8
In Prague, there's the only Cubist café in the world. What's its name?

Question 9
How many bridges cross the Vltava river in Prague?

Question 10
The infamous Stalin statue on Letná Hill that was destroyed in 1962 and replaced with a musical tool. Which one?

Curious about answers to these questions? Find them here! (jump straight to the bottom of the page)


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