• 11.9.2014
  • Tereza Vítková

Prague Wine Harvest Festival Guide

Prague Wine Harvest Festival Guide by Guidilo.com

It's grape harvest time in Prague. Here you'll find some tips about grape harvesting and Prague wine tastings and festivals.

Vinohrady Wine Harvest
12. – 13. 09. 2014
Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad
Visitors to the event will have the opportunity to learn about wines from small wineries from Moravia and Bohemia and ten kinds of new wines. Come and visit dozens of stands with delicious wine, folk performance (Spirituál Kvintet and Mňága a Žďorp) and accompanying program from 14.00 on both days with free admission.

Wine Harvest Festival in Troja Castle
13. 09. 2014
Troja Castle
Troja wine festival founded in 1999 is one of the Prague´s longest running wine series. Winemakers will present their products in the courtyard of the Troja Castle. In addition to wine tasting the new wine will also be offered and in the afternoon degustation and informal seminars about wine in the castle cellars will be held. You can expect rich cultural programme - puppet theatre, dance and fencing, games, folk music and dancers and much more.

Wine Harvest in Botanical Garden
13. – 14. 09. 2014
St. Clara's Vineyard (Botanical Garden of the Capital City of Prague)
The grape harvest in St. Clara´s Vineyard is a festival focused on the area's heritage grape. The weekend event features food and wine tastings, music performances or guided exhibition of wine manufacture.
The guided tour needs to be booked in advance. Admission fee: 100 CZK

Wine Harvest at the Prague Castle
20. - 21. 09. 2014
Royal garden - Prague castle
The 9th annual Grape Harvest at Prague Castle offers wild young Moravian wine, fresh grape juice, ice wine, cimbalom music, but also the traditional opening production in gardens. Visitors will have the opportunity to visit the gardens with over 70 types of plants, which are used as the decoration of the Prague Castle. On top of that - the Ball Games House at Prague Castle is hosting a Czech and Moravian wine tasting. Admission 80 CZK includes tasting glass.

Festival of the Grape in Grebovka
26. 09. – Náměstí Míru
27. 09. – Havlíčkovy sady
Enjoy your weekend with glass of new wine in the beautiful park Grebovka. On Friday you can expect cimbalom or local artistic concerts. The event features wine tasting with Aleš Pokorný, craft faire, kids faire, medieval fencing exhibition or guided tour of Gröbe Villa on Saturday. Entry is free.

Kunratice Wine Harvest
26. – 28.09.2014
Kunratice fort (Za Parkem, Prague 4)
The Kunratice Wine Harvest is a celebration of the harvest season with three days full of entertainment. The event features many activities - dogdancing, TV Nova actors´ autograph session , program for children, wine tasting competition or fireshow. Entry fee: 50 CZK.

St. Wenceslas Wine Harvest
27. – 28.09.
Villa Richter
The Prague´s oldest vineyard - St. Wenceslas vineyard (under Prague Castle between Klárov and Jelení Moat) hosts the folk festival of wine. Attendees have the opportunity to see a historic wine tools or how the grapes are pressed. Naturally, there will be knightly contests, music, dance, and an entourage headed by St. Wenceslas. Come and enjoy the beautiful view of the city center.

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