• 12.8.2015
  • Tereza Vítková

Swimming Lakes Around Prague

swimming lakes around prague

Swimming is fun and relaxing however when you add a super cool natural lake to the equation, it's bliss. There are many swimming holes to be had, but here some of our favorite swimming holes around Prague.

Sand Lake Konětopy
Konětopy Lake is located along district of Prague-East, 35 km north of Prague. Surrounded by pine forests, offers clean water, sandy beach, enough parking places and fast foods. Most crowded on weekends, so weekdays are your best bet for shorter lines.

Kosov Querry
A true hidden gem in Central Bohemia. Kosov quarry offers cold, clean, clear and calm waters and even suitable for nudists. Just be prepared for the long distance (around 2 km by walk) from parking lot. This is a rocky quarry so shoes are highly recommended, as well as cautious stepping. Swimming & all activities are at your own risk.

Lhota Lake
Just a forty minute drive from Prague and you can refresh yourself in the wonderfully clean lake that was created in the first half of the 80s when the mining works for metro and D1 highway had finished. Apart from good facilities (refreshment, WC, playground, beach volleyball court) visitors are attracted mainly by its sandy beach and easy water entrance. Not surprisingly Lhota is often sought by families with children.

Lake Mácha
The artificial lake is one of the most visited places in the Liberec district and his name refers to the romantic poet Karel Hynek Mácha. So get into the romantic spirit in the middle of pine forests and sourrounded by rock formations and glens. Great spot for a relaxing break or active holiday.

Sand Lake Poděbrady
The lowland along the river Elbe is very efficient for an undemanding biking or in-line skating. But when is hot, there's nothing better than a sand lake – a place of former sand mining area of 27 hectares and sandy beaches with gradual water entrance. A variety of activities are offered, with fun assured. Try your hand at table-tennis or minigolf, join the volleyball match or try to sail a boat.

Dreaming of the outdoors but can't / don't want to get out of the city? Find a swimming pool in Prague!

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