• 20.11.2014
  • Tereza Vítková

Things to do on rainy days in Prague

Guidilo - rainy days in Prague
Days when it is raining all day long or very cold outside can sometimes seem unexciting, making you feel depressed. You cannot change the weather; however you can find activities to do that will help dispel the gloominess. Presented below are great things to do and interesting places to visit on a rainy day.

Educate yourself
National Museum
Due to a reconstruction, the historical building of the National Museum is closed but you can visit other buildings of the National Museum with many interesting exhibitions. All information needed available here

Gastronomy museum
The museum covers a history of food from the earliest time to the modern day. If you are a foodie, history enthusiast, master chef or amateur, you will love this place! 

Public Transport Museum
Visit the permanent exhibition and with its unique collection of artefacts from the history of urban mass transit in the capital city of the Czech Republic. 

Military History Institute
Military History Institute offers great venues: Army Museum in Žižkov, Air Museum Kbely or Military Technical Museum Lešany. 

Go shopping
Shopaholics will find plenty of shopping malls and department stores in Prague to quench their thirst for designer goods, local products, clothing, and more. Most of the big shopping malls are open all week long from 9am till 9pm (check opening times before your visit).

Discover the art
DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Architecture and Design has presented more than a hundred and twenty exhibition projects, over five hundred accompanying programmes and more than six hundred educational and family programmes. 

MeetFactory is a non-for-profit international center for contemporary art and support original projects in the fields of visual arts, theater and music as well as interdisciplinary and experimental platforms. 

Magnificent interior, quality presentation and strong exhibitions programme has turned MuMo into a center of the best contemporary art. The museum has hosted a wide range of exhibition projects with an average duration of 3 months. 

Chemistry Gallery
The Chemistry Gallery is a young dynamic creative institution dedicated to the serious commercial and professional presentation of the works of contemporary young artists from the Czech Republic, and also from abroad.

Personal tours in Prague with private local guides

Get lunch
Restaurant reviews, personalized recommendations for top restaurants, and suggestions for the local places to visit in Prague. Bohemian Bites will help you to find a great place to eat.

Try out a new activity
There are so many new and exciting activities out there that we could all try. Why? Because it's fun! It's exciting! What about a hula hoop dancing? Or pole dance? Find something you will love and enjoy...'

Take a quiz
Test your knowledge and have fun every Monday at 8 PM at Czech Inn's BASEMENT bar with their night quiz. Great beer and good company guaranteed!

Explore a library
We love our libraries! They have story times, contain a wide range of interesting books, author talks, and art exhibits. The most popular is definitely Klementinum and Strahov Library but Municipal Library or Academy Of Sciences Library are worth a visit as well!

Get fit
Many of Prague's larger hotels have well equipped gyms you can use even if you're not staying there. You can also visit the largest covered aquapark in the Central Europe or just go for a walk (or a running workout) outside in the rain if there's no lightning and the wind isn't too bad.

Escape a room
Whether you call them "escape games", "exit games", "puzzle escape rooms" or "escape the room" games, you can find different game themes all across Prague. So, gather up a group of friends or family and see if you can work together to solve puzzles, find clues, and ultimately escape one of these rooms.

Whatever it is you choose to do, try to do it well. Do not just brood around the hotel room and wish that the weather is nicer. Make the most of this time by spending it doing something special.

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