• 12.11.2014
  • Tereza Vítková

Top 20 Czech idioms and sayings

Guidilo - Czech sayings and idioms
Once in a Hungarian year it′s raining as if from a watering can... Do you have sometimes the feeling that you absolutely don′t understand what is this Czech trying to tell you?! It looks like an idiom!
Czech idioms and sayings are unique to the Czech language. If you try to translate them literally into another language, they don't make any sense. You need to learn them because you cannot figure them out any other way...

1. Czech translation: Once in a Hungarian year
    English equivalent: Once in a blue moon

2. Czech translation: It′s raining as if from a watering can
    English equivalent: It′s raining cats and dogs

3. Czech translation: It′s a Spanish village to me
    English equivalent: It′s all Greek to me

4. Czech translation: A dumpling in your throat
    English equivalent: A frog in your throat

5. Czech translation: To straighten one′s soft shoes
    English equivalent: To kick the bucket

6. Czech translation: To kill two flies with one hit
    English equivalent: To kill two birds with one stone

7. Czech translation: I have my teeth full of it
    English equivalent: I'm fed up with it

8. Czech translation: The place where foxes say goodnight
    English equivalent: In the middle of nowhere

9. Czech translation: Better a sparrow in the hand than a pigeon on the roof
    English equivalent: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

10. Czech translation: Early birds will hop further
      English equivalent: Early bird catches the worm

11. Czech translation: Break a neck
      English equivalent: Break a leg

12. Czech translation: Move your skeleton
      English equivalent: Shake your leg

13. Czech translation: Measure twice, cut once
      English equivalent: Look before you leap

14. Czech translation: There are no cakes without work
      English equivalent: No pain, no gain

15. Czech translation: Roasted pigeons don′t fly to your mouth  
      English equivalent: No bees no honey, no work no money

16. Czech translation: It′s splashing on his lighthouse
      English equivalent: A sandwich short of a picnic

17. Czech translation: I′ll squeeze my thumbs for you
      English equivalent: I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you

18. Czech translation: As easy as a slap
      English equivalent: As easy as falling off a log

19. Czech translation: After it rains and dries
      English equivalent: When pigs fly

20. Czech translation: To burst in pride from somebody's else feather
      English equivalent: To take a leaf from someone's book

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