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Fancy a trip to Prague soon? Of course, you want to see all the historical sights and must see attractions, taste the delicious food & beer... But the City Of a Hundred Spires can be overwhelming for first timers (especially in summer), who inevitably, bowled over by choice, fall into overpriced tourist traps. Here are the top tourist attractions and our suggestions for more authentic alternatives (often cheaper) you should hit instead.

#1 Instead of watching the Astronomical Clock show on the afternoon hour, catch the display at midnight
The Old Town Square - one of the most visited places in Prague, is home to the wonderful early 15th-century Astronomical Clock (Orloj). When the clock strikes the hour, it springs to life as the 12 Apostles and other figures appear and parade in procession across the clock face.
Sure, everyone should see it at least once. So try to go there in the evening, to enjoy the lights and empty square.

#2 Instead of entering the Golden Lane, discover the New World
According to legends, the Golden Lane with tiny colored houses got its name from the story of alchemists living here in the 16th century, who tried to transform metals into gold.
The true is that alchemists have never worked or lived here and the small houses aren't worth visiting (even paying the entrance fee). If you really want to see a charming place with its old-world atmosphere and get away from the throngs of tourists near the Castle – head to the New World (Nový Svět)

#3 Instead of having a beer by the Charles Bridge / Prague Castle, have one literally anywhere else
Eating or drinking anything within a stone's throw of any famous attraction means that you will be paying prices marked up to infinity.
Instead, take a little walk or take a tram / metro and go to one of Prague's beer gardens for having authentic "beer experience". Or simply join our Local Martin on his beer tour.

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#4 Instead of visiting Old Jewish Cemetery, head to the New Jewish Cemetery
Prague's cemeteries are more like parks, with lawns, ornate tombs and statues. The most visited one is the Old Jewish Cemetery, which has its own charm but for more peaceful place, head to Prague 3.
The New Jewish Cemetery is the place where Franz Kafka's grave can be found. It is located in Prague 3 close to the Prague's largest cemetery - Olšany which consists of 12 necropolises and is particularly recognized for its many remarkable Art Nouveau monuments.

#5 Instead of taking the funicular to Petřín hill, take a ride up to Mrázovka hill
You might have heard of the funicular to Petřín Hill but that is not the only one in Prague... There is also another one that connects two parts of NH Hotel Prague in Smíchov and offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the gorgeous city of Prague. And it is free of charge.

#6 Instead of being squeezed at the Charles Bridge, observe it from above
In order to take a good picture at the Charles Bridge you're going to need to battle with the selfie-stick wielding couples, tour groups and people who are otherwise simply trying to squeeze by.
So, walk up the stairs to the tower, see the famous bridge from a different viewpoint and enjoy the scenic view of the historical heart of Prague.

#7 Instead of walking up Nerudova Street to the Prague Castle, just explore the side-streets
This historic street used to be a part of the "Royal Way". Today, is the hilly route taken by countless tourists after crossing the Charles Bridge to reach Prague Castle and full of souvenir shops offering Matrjoška & overpriced restaurants and hotels.
Simply walk up the Tržiště street to enjoy secluded places and admire the hidden streets with various house signs. If you are worried to get lost, book a private tour with our Local Vlasta, she knows this area inside out.

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