• 4.2.2016
  • Tereza Vítková

Trivia Challenge: Czech Republic

Interesting facts about Czech Republic by Guidilo.com

So, you know already a lot of trivia & interesting facts about Prague. But what about the country and its people? Want to challenge yourself with some fun trivia about the Czech Republic? Test your knowledge and let us know!

Question 1
All Czech Nobel laureates were born in Prague. Can you name at least one of them?

Question 2
Legends say that there's a gateway to hell. Where in the Czech Republic would you look for it?

Question 3
Christmas dinner in the country would not be considered complete without serving a fish. Which one?

Question 4
Neil Armstrong played a recording of the Czech composer's New World Symphony as he stepped out onto the lunar surface. What's his name?

Question 5
Who is the most productive European player who has ever played in the NHL?

Question 6
Each autumn, Czech fields and forests are scoured by thousands of hunters. What are the people looking for?

Question 7
Czech etiquette requires a man to precede his female companion when entering a room. Why?

Question 8
Who invented modern soft contact lenses in 1961?

Question 9
What's the traditional Czech food?

Question 10
One of the first motor cars in world - the Präsident automobile was manufactured in the Czech Republic by NW company, now known under the name...?

Curious about answers to these questions? Find them here! (jump straight to the bottom of the page)

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