• 21.5.2015
  • Tereza Vítková

Typical Czech Candy to Take Home

Guidilo.com Traditional Czech Candy
Czechs have an obsession with sweets. Many of the traditional candies haven't changed for generations, but are never out of style. You can find these yummy sweets in every store, supermarket or gas stations throughout the whole country. Who could resist buying a little box of delicious chocolates to nibble on at home? Do you want to know what to buy as souvenir from Czech republic? Chocolate is the best gift ever!

Lentilky (Smarties)
Czech Smarties
A color-varied sugar-coated chocolate confectionery

Guidilo.com - Kofila
A milk chocolate bar with coffee cream filling

Banana Chocolate Bar (Banány v čokoládě)
Guidilo.com - Banana Chocolate Bar
A banana-flavored marshmallow mousse dipped in dark chocolate

Guidilo.com - Fidorka
A round, chocolate-covered wafer

Guidilo.com Jesenka
Condensed sweet cream

Cat's tongues (Kočičí jazýčky)
Guidilo.com Kocici jazycky
No worries, they are made out of chocolate and not actual cat's tongues

Guidilo.com Margot
A soya bar with coconut 'coated with dark compound

Guidilo.com Antiperle
The Czech's minty answer to Tic-Tacs

Soya Rolls (Sójové řezy)
Guidilo.com - Soya rolls (Sojove rezy)
Soya rolls with rum flavor

Guidilo.com - Koko chocolate bar
Milk chocolate bar with coconut filling (a drier version of Bounty)

Have you tried some of them? Which one is your favorite? Let us know!

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