• 12.1.2017
  • Tereza Vítková

What To Wear In Winter In Prague

What to wear in winter in Prague?
Planning what to wear on your upcoming trip to Prague? Even though dressing for winter in the Czech capital can be a little bit tricky, with a little planning you can be comfortable all day. This year's winter is colder, more snowy than last year's and we decided to help you out and inspire you with some ideas of what to wear & pack for your trip (especially when you have never seen snow before). Your vacation can get pretty miserable if you don't dress properly, so here's a few items that should help you get started.

The base layer is very important to wick moisture away from your body and won't leave any room for cold to get in. Thermal and long underwear, tights or leggings will help you to stay warm in freezing weather and not look like a snowman.

Warm socks
A few pairs of heavy wool socks (preferably knee length or combined with leg warmers) are really useful – keep you warm outdoors, barely notice them indoors.

You want to be warm when you're outside, but not sweating to death when you get inside, that's why layers are key. At least one of those layers should be wool. I know that functionality has to win over fashion at some point, but if you bring sweaters or cardigans that you can layer and combine together, then you'll be the lucky one!

Comfortable shoes in Prague are a must, but in the winter you will need shoes that also protect your feet from rain, snow and ice. So bring boots that are at least ankle length, waterproofed (if you don't have waterproof shoes, bring / buy at least a can of waterproofing spray) and ideally with a quality grip sole or a traction for shoes to prevent slipping. Sidewalks here are not salted and cleaned as much as you would expect...
TIP: You can wear your winter boots to get to a party / theatre / restaurant and bring a pair of high heels in a shoe bag to change your footwear at the cloakroom.

Bring a very plain but warm knee-length coat. You can dress as warmly as you like, but when it gets windy, you won't stay very warm if you get drafts up the back of your coat. A coat with a hood is also great for a rainy or snowy weather. On top of that a black / khaki-colored belted trench coat never goes out of fashion.

Pack a scarf made of wool or fleece. Neither will soak up water like cotton will, so you won't feel waterlogged if you do get caught in the snow. Pick a thick scarf long enough to wind around your neck at least twice so you can use it to cover your chin and mouth when the cold wind is whipping.

Protect your fingers and hands against the frigid cold with a cute pair of gloves. It all depends on your style, however you can never go wrong with capacitive gloves to be able to interact with a smartphone screen and not take them off.
TIP: Keep your gloves on in the public transport to avoid catching flu or cold.

If you're forced to choose between a warm head and stylish hair, wear earmuffs or warm head wraps – they'll keep your ears nice and toasty without messing up your perfect hair.

TIP: If your hotel room / apartment contains radiators, put your accessories on the radiator for about 5 minutes before you leave to brave the outdoors.

I know this is likely to be meaningless for you all who come from a cold climate like Siberia, Alaska or Krkonoše mountains, however there are also people coming from other parts of world (and we Praguers are not used to too much snow either :-). Besides, few travelers showed up on our tours improperly dressed recently and were freezing all day long. I guess you don't want to ruin your vacation time in Prague with flu, do you?

Keep warm and enjoy all the great things to do in Prague during winter! 

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