Who we are

The idea of Guidilo was born by Eva Belokostolská and Tereza Vítková in late summer 2013. Eva had always traveled to and lived in many cities in Europe. Tereza has family and friends all around the world. Increase number of questions about what, when, how, where in Prague from their friends worldwide, have given them the impulse to allow also other people to discover the real local life in Prague. We know that people are fed up with traditional mass tourism, tourist clichés and want to experience something different. To have memories that you can bring home, instead of just visiting boring places listed in a guidebook and ticking them off one by one.

,,Our aim is simple: to make it easy and safe for everyone who wants to discover hidden secrets explored by Locals."

After three years (and a loooong decision), Eva decided to quit the cooperation in order to further her career in travel industry. So since July 2016 Tereza is the only person responsible for your pleasant travel to Prague & Czech Republic. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have in mind. I'm ready to help!

Happy travels with Guidilo!


- - -